Thursday, December 10, 2009

Updates, Random thoughts, etc...

I haven't really blogged for a while. So whilst I eat my lunch at my desk, I have a few random thoughts:
  • I am not ready for snow. Its too cold and I hate scraping a foot of snow off my car in the morning because inevitably, it ends up ON TOP of me somehow. Seriously!
  • I LOVE living in the Estate. What I don't love? When all 10 girls are feeling "emotional". The drama builds to about a 10 and it sucks the life out of me....(luckily, the drama is usually about boys or other people NOT living in the Estate, but still...)
  • I wish there was a "Medium-Biggest-Loser" show....I would totally go on that. (No jokes on how I could go on the actual "Biggest Loser", please)
  • The one thing I hate about the internet is that I find out results from the shows I watch before I get a chance to watch them.
  • I LOVE the show "Community"
  • I watched the movie "The Departed" the other day on FX (TV station). Judging by how many times they had to dub certain words, I think that show would have been pretty intense in the theater. But it only deepened my love for Mark Wahlberg.
  • I wish I could just sleep in. Just. one. day.
  • It's weird being the only Barlow in Utah.
  • Christmas shopping is hard.
  • I am so glad that I can finally eat apples. Honeycrisp are my favorite.
  • Yogurt still makes me gag.
  • I have had weird luck with boys lately. Not particularly bad, just weird...
  • The temple is awesome.
  • I always get a little sad when my lunch is over and I don't have chocolate.

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