Thursday, February 11, 2010


Sorry it took so long to inform, but I have a new blog address (with all my old blogs there too!)

Head over to

It is much cooler...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Youtube Fun

I don't know why I think this kid is hilarious. Just trust me.

(He is trying to sing Jason Mraz's I'm Yours)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

And to get you into the Christmas spirit....

Updates, Random thoughts, etc...

I haven't really blogged for a while. So whilst I eat my lunch at my desk, I have a few random thoughts:
  • I am not ready for snow. Its too cold and I hate scraping a foot of snow off my car in the morning because inevitably, it ends up ON TOP of me somehow. Seriously!
  • I LOVE living in the Estate. What I don't love? When all 10 girls are feeling "emotional". The drama builds to about a 10 and it sucks the life out of me....(luckily, the drama is usually about boys or other people NOT living in the Estate, but still...)
  • I wish there was a "Medium-Biggest-Loser" show....I would totally go on that. (No jokes on how I could go on the actual "Biggest Loser", please)
  • The one thing I hate about the internet is that I find out results from the shows I watch before I get a chance to watch them.
  • I LOVE the show "Community"
  • I watched the movie "The Departed" the other day on FX (TV station). Judging by how many times they had to dub certain words, I think that show would have been pretty intense in the theater. But it only deepened my love for Mark Wahlberg.
  • I wish I could just sleep in. Just. one. day.
  • It's weird being the only Barlow in Utah.
  • Christmas shopping is hard.
  • I am so glad that I can finally eat apples. Honeycrisp are my favorite.
  • Yogurt still makes me gag.
  • I have had weird luck with boys lately. Not particularly bad, just weird...
  • The temple is awesome.
  • I always get a little sad when my lunch is over and I don't have chocolate.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving back...

So I always quote "You've Got Mail" on Thanksgiving and NO ONE ever gets my joke. So here's the clip.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon

Funny clips from my favorite show on television (right now):

Friday, November 20, 2009

T. Mo in San Francisco!

So last weekend, my friend Tracy Morley (NOT of the Pleasanton Morley's) came home with me to visit the Bay Area! It was such a chill, fun trip. We went into San Francisco for Jane Barlow's famous insider tour and had a blast! It was a beautiful day, albeit a little chilly. My parents have a nice camera that I steal when I come home so we took a lot of pictures. (Note: There are a few single pictures of me in here, but I mostly handled the camera and took a ton of Tracy - none of which I posted here.)

If you know me at all, you know that this is my favorite place in the world and I always take pictures of it. Its just my thing. (The Palace of Fine Arts)

Many a visitor to the Barlow house has seen the infamous gymnastic pictures of Jen and I in the upstairs hallway. Tracy loved to re-create the pose.

And again.

It was the first time in a loooooong time that I had been inside Fort Point (it is not open to the public at all times). Tracy and I had a lot of fun in the stairwells.

Nope, didn't trip. Just crawling up the stairs.

This is on roof of Fort Point, about 5 stories up (underneath the Golden Gate Bridge). What you don't see is 2 boys behind Tracy making fun of us taking goofy pictures. (Double-click on the picture above for the closeup of my face. Its pretty classic)

I was not kidding when I said it was a beautiful day. Sporting my Little Mermaid pose.

I just want you to note how wide the ledge is behind me.

Tracy jumped on the ledge from the stand. However, being shorter than Tracy, I had to go to a taller stand to climb on the ledge and walk to where Tracy was. My mom freaked. A stranger lady looked at me and said "Stupid". I wasn't scared at all.
Real Conversation:
Dad: Why did the lady say you were stupid?
Me: Well, right where I was climbing up, there was a sign that said "No Climbing on the Walls"

Although the sky was blue, it was real windy....

Another Photo Op. I didn't know Tracy was getting a full-body shot.

Tracy and I were trying to be sassy. But we just look pissed.

On Saturday, Tracy and I went jogging to downtown P-Town and hit up the farmers market.

I had a blast showing Tracy my hood. What a great trip!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Picture of the Day

Lydia mentioned on Twitter that she would be going to the Yankees Victory Parade in New York this year (she lives about 2 blocks from where the parade was being held). So, I swallowed my pride and asked her to take some pictures of my boy Swish for me.

Here he is (In the center, between his girlfriend and his brother):

He is still so foxy. Thanks LYD!! (See her other shots of the parade here).

Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Funny

I don't know why this video makes me laugh so much. Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Latest Trips

OK, Its been a while since I blogged. A few weekends ago, I went to Miami AND South Dakota in the same long weekend.  I attended a legislative conference in Miami. But I had already told my friend, Brooke, that I would go to South Dakota that weekend. So Thursday-Saturday, I was in Miami. Sunday-Tuesday, I was in South Dakota. Random, I know. But that's how I roll.

This is the lobby of the hotel we stayed at in Miami, the Intercontinental. It was posh. I loved the centerpiece!

*Sidenote: EVERYONE in Miami speaks Spanish. At times, it seemed like I was in a different country. Not that I felt uncomfortable or anything...I just wish I spoke Spanish.

 Here are a few of the conference participants (the girl on the left is my coworker, Emily. We had so much fun!) Friday was the only night open so we went to South Beach with a few people. We had dinner at a Cuban restaurant - YUM - and then headed to the beach. The water was so warm!

So, after walking along South Beach, Em and I decided that it would be a GREAT IDEA to walk back to our hotel with our new friend James from Georgia. It didn't seem like too long when we came on the taxi from our hotel. James was scared that we were in a sketchy neighborhood. This is a sign on one of the apartment buildings.

Em and I along our walk. Right after this picture was taken, we got to the bridge we needed to cross and realized that it was a lot farther than we assumed. So we asked a taxi driver how far it was to our hotel, and he laughed and said it was about 5 miles....Yikes. (Note the glow on our was SOOOOO humid there.)

Needless to say, we grabbed that taxi and he took us across the bridge. We stopped by the outdoor mall on the water and this cover band was playing. It was probably the best cover band I have ever heard.

Miami was amazing! So warm! I had such a blast and met random, cool people from other states.

Welcome to South Dakota! I got back from Miami late Saturday night, did some laundry, re-packed, and headed to South Dakota early Sunday morning. When I got there, this is the weather I encountered. Not in Miami anymore, Toto...

 This is the house I stayed in. It was so great to relax in a warm house. Thanks Hullingers!

It was too foggy to go see Mount Rushmore, so we went to the Mammoth museum. It was actually pretty cool!

Crazy Horse. This monument has a cool story. Click here. My favorite part about this memorial is that they do not accept any government funding to complete it. It may never get completed. But I love that they want to only use private donations to complete. That's a true American!

In case you're wondering....

Extreme Close-Up! Brooke, Me, and the boys.

Ah, much better. It was so beautiful! But soooooo cold....

Right below the California flag. But I am ready to go....soooooo freezing......

An example of the MANY books on the shady past of the Early West.

So final recap...It was a great weekend. I went from High temps to Low temps but I had a blast. I crossed South Dakota off my list of states I still need to visit. And I spent a crazy few days in the Miami sun. Loved it.